How can leaders stay motivated during times of deep uncertainty? How can you strengthen your resilience and help your team weather crisis? Entrepreneurs share tips on how to safeguard the health of your venture, your team, and yourself during a global crisis.

Resources For Business Owners

As startups respond to the economic consequences of COVID-19, we're sharing advice and a list of major resources, including private companies and nonprofits, and government agencies that are supporting small businesses at this time.

5 min read
Business leader building team cohesion while working remotely

Joro’s CEO on Adapting Plans & Building Your Team While Working Remotely

COVID-19 is having long-term impacts on startups, affecting everything from daily operations to future fundraising. In this, a series of interviews with entrepreneurs of all stages, Sanchali Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Joro, shares how COVID-19 affected her team, business development, product plans, and fundraising. Her perspective and creative approaches, such as effective ways to build your team's morale online, are inspiring.

10 min read

How to Express Empathy While Working Remotely

Expressing empathy during times of crisis can help your team become more resilient. But how can you express empathy when your team is physically separated? We connected with entrepreneurs at various stages who share strategies for demonstrating empathy to help your team weather the COVID-19 storm. 

7 min read