How can you ensure that you’re building a product that matters in the market? How do you build a product that customers want and need—enough to pay for? Our experts share proven strategies to help you better understand customers’ real needs so you can build products people want.

Customer-Problem Fit

How do you shape your idea into a product that customers love and will pay for? It’s easy to find resources designed to help you start building right away. Despite the wide availability of tools, like the lean startup method, “no market need” remains the No. 1 cause of failure How can you ensure that your product addresses a need that matters to customers enough to move them to pay for a solution? Developing and iterating on hypotheses about the problem and target audience requires customer research, such as surveys, interviews, ethnography, and low-fi prototype testing. Each approach has a different cost, time and effort. Which is most helpful when? Faculty and serial entrepreneurs share their product insights and provide useful tips on problem identification, customer discovery, and market research.