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Two businessmen seated in chairs facing one another in a conversation, discussing insights on hiring and team building at startups

AlleyCorp’s Kevin Ryan Shares Insights on Hiring, CEOs & Company Culture

AlleyCorp founder and CEO, Kevin Ryan has launched and scaled several billion-dollar tech ventures in divergent industries. He shares his insights on founding companies, including hiring CEOs, building strong and capable teams, scaling, establishing company culture, and having difficult conversations.

37:13 min view

Sanchali Pal’s Journey Founding & Growing a Mission-Driven Startup

Sanchali Pal, co-founder and CEO of Joro—a technology platform that enables users to track their carbon footprints on their smartphones and make choices that positively impact climate change— engages in an informal discussion with Shikhar Ghosh about her decision to found and build a social impact startup. She shares insights she gained on raising capital and adapting to the constantly evolving role of CEO at a growing early-stage company.

29:48 min view
Two people seated in chairs, discussing the challenges CEOs of rapidly scaling startups face

Careem’s Mudassir Sheikha on Co-Founders, Establishing Culture & Balancing Family at a Rapidly Scaling Startup

Mudassir Sheikha, co-founder and CEO at Careem, reflects on leadership lessons he learned while scaling Careem into a unicorn almost overnight. Learn how having a company-wide culture helped Careem thrive during the chaos of meteoric growth and why Sheikha believes that disseminating culture and hiring the right people is one of the most important jobs the CEO can do while scaling.

53:46 min view