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How to Build a Great Pitch that Hooks Investors

It’s easy to find templates, checklists, and techniques that promise to improve your pitch. But even the majority of good pitches fail to raise venture capital. What drives investors’ interest? How do VCs make decisions? How can you turn your pitch into a great one that has investors eager to hear more about your startup?

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Sanchali Pal’s Journey Founding & Growing a Mission-Driven Startup

Sanchali Pal, co-founder and CEO of Joro—a technology platform that enables users to track their carbon footprints on their smartphones and make choices that positively impact climate change— engages in an informal discussion with Shikhar Ghosh about her decision to found and build a social impact startup. She shares insights she gained on raising capital and adapting to the constantly evolving role of CEO at a growing early-stage company.

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